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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers In Sandy, UT

If you’ve ever felt insecure about your smile, you are not alone. Many people suffer from the pain and embarrassment of discolored, crooked, and less-than-attractive teeth. In some cases, no amount of corrective dental care will completely rid the teeth of every flaw. This is why veneers, also known as the brand name Lumineers, have become increasingly popular over the years. Veneers are a cosmetic dental procedure that give you a beautiful, perfect smile in as little as one office visit. Because veneers tend to be less invasive than braces or crowns, they are the quickest and easiest solution to achieving a beautiful smile.

Veneers are very thin covers for your teeth that are designed to look like your own healthy teeth. They are most often made of porcelain or composite resin to mimic the color of natural teeth. The shade of white can also be adjusted to your preference before application. Veneers are bonded directly to your teeth, so there is no plate like with dentures. The teeth are lightly sanded to allow a better fit for the veneers. Most often, veneers are applied to the front teeth that are in the “smile zone.”

If you think veneers are a good choice for you, the best place to start is a consultation with your dentist. He will examine your teeth and discuss all of the options for correcting your smile. Your dentist will also go over the pros and cons of each option, including the length of the process and the overall cost. One of the major points to consider with veneers is that it is an irreversible procedure. Your own teeth will be reshaped to support the application of the veneers, often in an unnatural way.

Once you and your dentist decide that veneers are the right option for you, you will likely start with a mold of the mouth. This mold is commonly known as an impression of the teeth. The impression is used to shape your veneers to perfectly fit your teeth. Some dentists have to send the impression off, while others have the technology to create them in their own office. The length of time it takes for the veneers to be ready will depend on this factor. For those with a time sensitive need, temporary veneers can be purchased at an additional cost.

To prep the teeth for application of the veneers, your dentist will shave off a small amount of your natural teeth. This ensures that the tooth doesn’t look thick and unnatural once the veneer is placed. Your dentist will then test the veneers by placing them over your teeth. He will show you the color and fit, and you can let him know if the color needs to be adjusted. After a few minor adjustments to ensure the veneers will fit properly, he then will etch your teeth. This is a process that creates texture on the surface of the tooth. The texture will strengthen the bond of the veneer to the tooth.

After the perfect fit is established, your dentist will use cement to permanently bond the veneers to your teeth. He will make any final adjustments, then use a special light to dry and secure the cement. Now, it is just time for a few final details! The dentist will examine his work and take care of any excess cement that may have accumulated. Next, he will have you bite down and make any necessary adjustments to maintain your natural bite. After a potential follow-up visit to ensure the veneers aren’t bothering your gums, you officially have a brand new, beautiful smile!